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Letters from Wonderland

A curiosity club for not-so-grown-ups

If you're in need of hope, an adventure, new fire in your head and joy in your bones, if you need a nudge, or some company, more days that feel like birthdays, or a magic spell to wake you up, then I'd like to send you something.

The best penpal you've ever had

Every month, I'll send you a big, fat envelope of wonder to make your eyes wide and your days better. I want to write to you about all sorts of things. Inside your envelope, you might find wrens or mermaids, hope or particle physics: you'll never know until you open it. You won't just find things to read, however. Get set for rabbit holes to fall down, challenges to rise to, and plenty of surprises. You're going to love it.

Memberships from £9 a month

A limited number of memberships will be released every month in a vague attempt to stop me drowning under an ever-deepening pile of envelopes. You'll be able to join up online using a secure GoCardless direct debit form and cancel at any time. If all this month's spots are taken, leave your email address and I'll let you know when more are available.

Consider me your accidental Alice

But you can call me Jo. I'm the great-aunt you always wanted: reassuringly unimportant, but famously nice to know. I live in an odd Wonderland all my own. On the outside, it's not much bigger than an old terraced house, but on the inside, it's something a little more irregular. I'd like to write to you from there, if you'd let me. You see, I thought you might be in need of a touch of Wonderland, too.

Suggest a topic

Can you think of something fascinating, bizarre or wonderful that should find its way into a Letter from Wonderland? No subject is too complex or too obscure. Submit your ideas for future topics and research projects here.

Put the kettle on

I'm running Letters from Wonderland at the lowest profit I can get away with. There are all kinds of ways that you can support me and help keep my project going - from financial support to donations of books to help my research. Could you help?