About the letters


Join Letters from Wonderland, and once a month, you'll receive an envelope through your door. This isn't like any envelope you've received before, though.

This is the beginning of a correspondence with the great-aunt you always wished for. The head of a secret society, no less, who is full of wonderful stories to share and has a habit of finding her way into interesting, impossible places.

That great-aunt is me, and I'm going to be writing to you in the hope that I can lead you down a few rabbit holes of your own.

You won't just get a letter: that's far too predictable. No - this is a curiosity club, and that means some surprises.

Something to

Something to

Something to

Something to

Something to
look at

Something to
find out

...and maybe an extra or two

In my letters, I want to tell you things about the world and being alive.

Every month, I'll shine a light on something you may not have thought about.

Some stuff you may be very familiar with already, of course, because you have glorious, curious brains and your own stories to tell, but much of it, you may not.

In your envelope, you might come across pigeons, or pebbles, or the oldest tree in the world. Or you might find silence, or seashells, or birdsong.

Unravelling, understanding and writing about interesting things in ways that make people happy to be alive - that's what I do best. That's why, over the next year, I intend to boldly, cheerfully tunnel my way into as many ideas as possible and bring them back for you, in entertaining, captivating letters.

Think of it as your very own connection to Wonderland. What's more, you won't just get to hear about marvellous things, you'll be able to join in a few of your own, too.

Expect to learn some new things, take a few chances, try something different, and become part of something special.

Finding out what's next on our community's curious, impromptu curriculum is where it gets fun. A lot will depend on what happens to pique my interest that month.

And, knowing me, that could mean just about anything.

P.S I'm going to need your help to keep finding new things to delight you with.