Letters from Wonderland - like all the best adventures - is something of a leap in the dark. I could do with your help to keep it (and me!) going.

Here are three things you can do to help:


Can you suggest anything for me to research and write about?

Maybe it's something you've always wondered about or just something you've seen that you think I might be interested in. It might even be something you know well already and would like to talk to me about.

Submit your ideas, links, reading recommendations and contact details, if you'd like to, by clicking the button below.


Have you got any secondhand non-fiction books on a fascinating topic that you might like to donate to the Wonderland research library? Getting to my small public library is almost impossible and learning is frustratingly expensive.

If you're happy to, we can even arrange for a loan of the books and I'll post them back to you!



I am having to keep Letters from Wonderland very small and unambitious at present. That means I can't offer unlimited membership places, and my income from all this will have to stay very humble.

If you happen to like supporting people trying to do something creative and feel like throwing some money in the pot to help me sustain and grow my project, you can do that here.

All your encouragement is enormously appreciated.